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Turner Short Shifter for BMW F8x M2 M3 M4

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We have always loved BMWs, but one of their shortcomings has always been shifter throw and feel. Even driving your new BMW ///M home from the dealership, you might realize that the shifter throw leaves something to be desired when you find your right hand in your backseat when shifting into fourth gear. Things only go downhill from here, as these cars increase in age and mileage shifts feel less and less precise. Our short shifter offers 32 to 40% reduction in throw over stock F82 M4 shifter. Note that our M4 short shifter differs from our typical Turner short shifter in that it is solely height adjustable, not throw.

Here at Turner, we CAD design everything in house and source the best materials to give you a truly amazing product and enhance the driving experience in your ultimate driving machine. After extensive testing and development, we are proud to present you with our Turner Motorsport short shifter. We wanted to develop something that could fit any BMW owner’s preferences - our engineering team decided this could be designed a height adjustable short shifter that also features a “Quick Change” rally lever extension that allows you to easily swap back and forth between OE height shifter and the longer, rally lever you see in the product photos. Why the rally lever extension? Having the added height allows you to keep both hands closer to the wheel through shifts - this is especially helpful on the track, but we like it in our daily drivers too.

Adjusting the Turner short shifter is simple, and done from within the car by removing the boot and using small hex head keys - so you don’t have to worry about getting it right the first time, you can continue to fine tune after initial installation.

Installation of this kit one of the easiest to take on compared to the competition, our custom bearing cup allows for easy installation from inside of the car on most applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ultra crisp shifter feel - quicker, more precise shifts

  • More engaging driving experience


  • Bearing cup assembly allows for simple, quick installation from inside of the vehicle

  • “Quick Change” feature for swapping between standard and “Rally Style” upper shift levers.


  • Independently adjustable knob height

    • 32 to 40% reduction in throw over stock F82 M4 shifter

    • 22mm adjustment range to tune shifter height and feel

    • Note: knob height  impacts throw to some degree

  • Independently adjustable shifter height

    • Adjustable via lower lever position relative to the pivot ball.

  • Height adjustment can be done in the car without removing the shifter

Design Features

  • Lower Shifter Assembly CNC machined from 4140 chromoly steel, melonite coated, featuring 304 stainless steel shifter ball and Nylatron® NSM bushings

  • Both shift levers and shifter bearing cup assembly machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and type II anodized - offering superior durability and corrosion resistance

    • Shift levers offer 22mm of independent height adjustability

  • Rally Upper Shift Lever is machine grooved for OEM boot compatibility, standard ⅜-16 thread to allow for wide range of knob compatibility

    • Includes a black delrin knob

  • Standard Shift Lever is compatible with Genuine BMW factory shift knobs and aftermarket shift knobs

  • Shifter Bearing Cup Assembly encapsulates shifter components, making for simple installation from inside of the car.

    • Bushings and cup assembly machined to very tight tolerances to eliminate shifter play, creating a more refined, precise driving experience.

This item fits the following BMWs:
F8x M2 M3 M4