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Turner Motorsports

Turner Short Shifter for BMW F22 M235i F30 335i F32 435i

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BMWs have historically been plagued by very long throw shifters from the factory - even the new(er) 2, 3, and 4 series come equipped with sub-optimal throws. Turner Motorsport has the solution to this. Turner's short shifter is height adjustable - this differs from the norm for their short shifter lineup in that it is not throw adjustable, but it does offer 32 to 40% reduction in throw over stock.

Turner's rally lever extension is a Quick Change option - the lower portion of the short shifter is keyed, making switching back and forth between long and short levers a breeze. We like the taller lever because you can keep your hands closer to the wheel under spirited driving conditions or track days. Whether your vehicle is strictly for the track, a weekend warrior, or the daily driver - Turner's short shifter kit suits your needs.

Installation of this kit is also of the easiest to tackle. Compared to the competition, a custom bearing cup allows for easy installation from inside of the car (on applications that use the stock shifter arm). See installation instructions below - install differs slightly from vehicle to vehicle, you can contact us if you have any questions.

Turner recommends running a ZHP, M, or M Performance shift knob to avoid resonance often caused by running base model shift knobs and give your shifts the best feel.


  • 32 to 40% throw reduction

  • Ultra crisp shifter feel - quicker, more precise shifts

  • More engaging driving experience


  • Bearing cup assembly allows for easy installation from inside of the vehicle

  • “Quick Change” between standard and “Rally Style” upper shift levers.


  • Independently adjustable knob height

    • 22mm adjustment range to fine tune shifter height

    • Note: knob height also affects throw reduction to some degree

  • Height adjustment can be done in the car without removing the shifter

Design Features

  • Lower Shifter Assembly CNC machined from 4140 chromoly steel and melonite coated, with 304 stainless steel shifter ball and Nylatron® NSM bushing

  • Both shift levers and shifter bearing cup assembly are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and type II anodized for exceptional durability and corrosion resistance

    • Shift levers offer 22mm of independent height adjustability

  • Rally Upper Shift Lever  machine grooved for OEM boot compatibility and features a black delrin knob and standard ⅜-16 thread to allow for wide range of compatibility

  • Standard Shift Lever is compatible with OE BMW shift knobs or aftermarket shift knobs

  • Shifter Bearing Cup Assembly encapsulates shifter components allowing for easy installation from inside of the car.

    • Bushings and cup assembly are machined to tight tolerances to eliminate play, creating a more refined, precise driving experience.

This item fits the following BMWs:

BMW F22 m235i/xDrive pre-LCI

BMW F30 335i/xDrive pre-LCI

BMW F32 435i/xDrive pre-LCI

Select M Model Variant for F87 M2 or F8X M3 M4 Applications