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Turner Motorsports

Turner Performance Polyurethane Rear Shifter Bushing for BMW F Chassis

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When you think performance you may not always think about the parts that don't make power or improve your handling so key upgrades get overlooked. Even when upgrading your transmission the first upgrade is usually the clutch or a short shifter, but what keeps your short shift kit on target? The bushings that hold the shift arm assembly in place. The bushings from the factory are designed from rubber to reduce the NVH from the power going through your transmission, this is designed to be appealing to the mass of BMW customers. As enthusiasts we are often looking for more of a connection, enjoying some slight feedback from your BMW with improved shifting response & reduced slop for crisp accurate shifting especially when it counts.

The Turner Motorsport Performance rear shifter bushing is designed to remove the shifter play caused by an old failed rubber shifter bushing. Manufacturing the bushing from polyurethane instead of rubber reduces the amount of stretch caused by the moving part through the bushing. This maintains the direct crisp feel from your shifter assembly. When your OE shifter arm bushing begins to fail you will notice slop in shifting potentially making it easier to miss gears and often time causes an obvious vibration and movement from the engine rpm's.


Installation is easy, once you remove the heat shield from under your car the old bushing is held in place with  2 star socket fasteners. Simply lube up the tail of the arm with any silicone based grease to position the bushing onto the shifting arm.

If you're looking for noticeably crisper shifting without adding much NVH (Noise, Vibration, & Harshness) then this is the bushing for you.


  • CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum bracket
  • Type III black anodized for long lasting protection
  • 70A polyurethane bushing for a firm feel with minimal NVH increase
  • Stiffer bushing results in crisper shifter feel and a more engaging driving experience.
  • Ready to install out of the box - no modifications required
  • Replaces Genuine BMW part number 25118614288
  • Improved durability over OEM rubber
  • Made in America
This item fits the following BMWs built from 11/2014:
2016+ F22 BMW  228i xDrive, 230i xDrive 
11/2014+ F30/34 BMW 320i xDrive, 328i xDrive, 335i xDrive, 330i xDrive, 340i xDrive 
11/2014+ F32/36 BMW 428i xDrive, 435i xDrive, 430i xDrive, 440i xDrive
2015+ F87 BMW M2
2015+ F80 BMW M3 - Sedan
2015+ F82 F83 BMW M4 - Coupe, Convertible