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Slon Workshop E9X M3 (S65) Vanos Covers Kit

Slon Workshop E9X M3 (S65) Vanos Covers Kit

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One of the most common problems with the BMW S65 engine are the VANOS plastic covers. The severity of their issue has different stages: when the covers just begin to crack and become loose on the VANOS units, or when the covers have completely fallen off the units.

The covers falling off is obviously the much more severe problem and you run a much higher risk of catastrophic internal engine damage, as the broken plastic pieces from the OE covers get caught in the oil system and can clog your oil pickup causing starvation.

Unfortunately, BMW doesn’t offer replacement covers; instead you must replace the complete VANOS unit with a failed cover (at a cost of roughly $1,000 per unit). With a quad-cam engine, you're looking at 4 units at considerable cost.

The VANOS covers are designed to keep the VANOS springs in their place, so they cannot be deleted. A lack of VANOS cover will result in accelerated wear and failure of the springs. As a solution, Slon Workshop has developed their own unique set of replacement VANOS Covers. Their parts are a direct replacement for the failure prone original BMW covers, but instead are made from high-strength aluminum to completely eliminate future cover failure.

Additionally, a unique advantage of their solution lies in the simple installation; their covers have clips just like the OEM parts so they do NOT require removal of the VANOS unit and subsequently resetting the valve timing with any special tools. Installation does not require any special skills and will only take an additional 5-10 minutes while the valve covers are removed.

Product Details

  • Kit includes a complete set of 4 covers
  • Available in raw aluminum or black anodizing
  • Machined from high-strength aluminum
  • OEM quality fitment
  • Fits E9X M3 S65 Engine
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