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Rogue Engineering E46 M3 Billet Aluminum Chassis Support V-Brace Kit

Rogue Engineering E46 M3 Billet Aluminum Chassis Support V-Brace Kit

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An integral part on E46 M3 is the rear chassis "V-Brace" (BMW # 33-31-2-229-899) found on all 2001-06 Convertibles and Coupe (including the CSL). This brace attaches to the outward points of the rear chassis and to the area near the rear subframe carrier. Since some of these vehicles are now over 20 years old, we have been seeing more and more of these start to rust away.

The OE V-brace is made from 38mm x 12mm (1.5" x 0.5") hollow square steel tubing with pressed ends and is welded to a junction plate; joining them with welds holding the arms at a specific angle. Since the arms are hollow, it helps keep the overall weight down, but does little to prevent corrosion since it is difficult to paint/coat a hollow tube.

After Rogue Engineering weighed the material, manufacturing, and cost options, they decided to make a fully CNC'd ACQ 6061-T6 aluminum replacement. The concept is to machine two identical arms (one part number) and have them joined with a "junction plate". The arms would be secured to the plate with Grade 8.8 grade hardware and the entire assembly would include replacement Grade 10.9 hardware to replace the original OEM hardware.

Product Details:

  • CNC'd 6061-T6 construction, secured with Grade 8.8 socket head cap screws. Included are replacement Grade 10.9 hardware to fit in the factory locations.
  • At about 4 lbs fully assembled weight compared to 6.25 lbs for the OEM brace; about a 35% weight savings.
  • Anodized gray finish
  • Modular design allows for one arm to be removed in case of exhaust removal requirement.
  • Included in the kit:
    • 2x arms of the brace assembly (they are identical)
    • 1x junction plate
    • 1x red spacer (this goes BETWEEN the brace and the chassis!)
    • 2x blue spacers (these goes BETWEEN the brace and the chassis!)
    • 4x M10 socket head cap screws
    • 3x M10 flanged hex head bolts
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