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RKP F10 M5 Rear Diffuser

RKP F10 M5 Rear Diffuser

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 RKP’s second entry in their F10 M5 catalog follows the same guiding philosophy as their amazing front lip- easy installation and a discreet look that improves over stock without outright removing original body lines.

The rear diffuser of the F10 M5 provides a unique challenge in installation, as the flexible clips interfacing with the M5’s rear bumper must remain absolutely flexible. While it’s possible to have a smooth installation of a carbon fiber or composite diffuser, the nature of these clips makes the proposition very difficult and often unlikely. The RKP rear diffuser circumvents this problem by first creating an ultra thin skin of carbon fiber, and then bonding this skin to an original BMW rear diffuser. More than a simple overlay, the carbon fiber skin used in this application is laid up individually, and then bonded to the BMW part in a special fixture to ensure perfect fitment.

By building the rear diffuser in this way, RKP has created a component that gives the rear of the car a more aggressive carbon fiber look while maintaining exact OE fit. The original BMW remains in place under the RKP carbon skin, and the fit and finish is second to none as a result.

The appearance of the diffuser follows the original BMW lines exactly, and does not depart from the already effective design of the original BMW part. No extreme fins or protrusions were added, allowing the diffuser to maintain a simple look.

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