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Rein Automotive Engine Coolant Hose Connector For BMW N5x / N2x

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The plastic engine hose flange for the thermostat hose is a known weak point on the BMW N51, N52, N54 and N62 engines. Often the reason for coolant leaks and previously only available as part of the thermostat hose, this part is prone to premature failure. Upgrade this flange to aluminum with this new coolant hose connector from Rein Automotive and never have to worry about this flange failing again.
The Rein Automotive line of OE quality replacement parts has been around since 2007. Specializing in coolant hoses, undercar parts (suspension & drivetrain), axle boots and wheel bearings, Rein offers most of the common maintenance wear items for your car. With a name like Rein (“pure” in German) you know they must be manufacturing everything to the highest OE standards.