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R44 BMW M3/M4 S58 200 Cell Sports Cat Downpipes (G80/G82/G83)

R44 BMW M3/M4 S58 200 Cell Sports Cat Downpipes (G80/G82/G83)

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R44 BMW M3/M4 S58 200 Cell Sports Cat Downpipes is a very effective addition to your vehicle's exhaust setup, offering far less airflow restriction compared to the factory catalytic convertors. The R44 200 Cell sports downpipes are hand-crafted from billet 304-grade stainless steel with CNC precision-machined flanges. This upgrade reduces exhaust gas back pressure, resulting in quicker throttle-response and faster turbo-spool.

We previously offered a 300 Cell sports downpipe, however in response to popular demand and the aid of airflow, we have upgraded to a 200 Cell downpipe. These downpipes have undergone extensive testing over the summer to ensure they provide a substantial performance increase, whilst also offering exceptional durability under heavy use. 

Sports downpipes are a fantastic alternative to catless downpipes as they offer a more refined exhaust tone, reduced exhaust emissions, as well as removing that potent fuel smell inside the cabin.

Please note: Running a sports-cat will not always prevent a check-engine light (CEL) as modern DME systems can detect slight changes in the reduction in catalyst cells. We cannot guarantee these downpipes will pass vehicle emissions tests.

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