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R44 Performance

R44 BMW M3/M4 Race Exhaust Cat-Back System in Titanium - Carbon Tips (G80/G82/G83)

R44 BMW M3/M4 Race Exhaust Cat-Back System in Titanium - Carbon Tips (G80/G82/G83)

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The R44 Performance G80 M3 and G82 M4 Exhaust System! Have you been wanting some noise for your M3 or M4? Well, we have the only solution!

Welcoming R44 Performance's latest addition to their G8X program.

After months of development and testing on the S58 platform, we are pleased to release the full Cat-Back system to the market. The R44 System removes the Secondary Cats, and mid silencer. This reduces restrictions and allows a huge amount of extra flow through the exhaust system, resulting in an increase in BHP. 

Creating the perfect soundtrack - We have fitted two bullet silencers mid-pipe to refine the note and added two valves. The valve system works off the OE BMW system. The pipe design at the rear of the car allows air to flow straight through when the valves open as well as through the backbox. Providing a rich tone releasing the hidden burbles and cracks. 

Wanting to tone down the noise? Close the valves and the airflow will be reduced and pushed into the resonator box. 



Stock UK G8X Exhaust - 37KG 

R44 Titanium G8X Exhaust - 20KG 

Check out a Youtube walk-through of the weight comparison - 


  • Carbon Fibre and Stainless Steel 110mm Tips - More tip options to follow
  • 70-75mm Titanium Pipework 
  • Works with original BMW Valve system 
  • Supplied ready to assemble and fit 
  • EU Vehicle OPF Solution to result in NO ECU/DME changes 
  • Doesn't result in engine management lights 
  • Supplied with a detailed fitting guide 
  • Any further questions give us a call, we are here to help!


  • BMW M3 (G80) 3 Series
  • BMW M4 (G82) 4 Series
  • BMW M4 Cabriolet (G83) 4 Series 
  • BMW M3 (G80) X Drive (2021+) 3 Series
  • BMW M4 (G82) X Drive (2021+) 4 Series
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