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MTS Technik

MTS Technik Rear Poly Shock Mounts BMW E36

MTS Technik Rear Poly Shock Mounts BMW E36

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Stock BMW rear shock mounts are made of rubber, and overtime crack and wear out. MTS Technik has taken it up a notch and provided the last rear shock mount you will ever buy. These are machined from high quality, lightweight aluminum and anodized to prevent corrosion. They feature a uniball bearing design and a polyurethane bushing to last for years to come. All rear shock mounts feature gold zinc coated hardware and a 2 year warranty.


  • 2 year warranty with no mileage limit
  • High quality anodized aluminum
  • Double gold zinc coated hardware
  • Reinforced uniball bearing
  • Polyurethane Bushing

Fitment: E30, E36, E46, Z3

If you want to run these on other suspension setups, this is a popular modification.  Please see the product picture for strut measurements to ensure these will fit your rear shocks.

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