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MMR Performance G8X M2 / M3 / M4 Height Adjustable Sport Spring Kit

MMR Performance G8X M2 / M3 / M4 Height Adjustable Sport Spring Kit

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Unlike conventional lowering springs, the MMR Height Adjustable Sport Spring kit for the current G87 M2, G80 M3, and G82 M4 gives you a fully customizable ride height adjustment. So however you want your car to sit, this Height Adjustable Spring (HAS) kit allows you to infinitely fine tune heights front and rear until you reach your ideal stance.

By retaining the Adaptive M dampers, this solution costs much less than upgrading to coilover suspension does - yet with the reassurance of keeping your high quality, sophisticated factory dampers in place. Best of both worlds, in other words.

The method of height adjustment is just the same as on a coilover suspension setup. Four adjustable perches fit underneath the Sport Springs. With a simple turn up or down on the threaded platform to change ride height, you can tailor it until reaches your perfect height and rake.

This generous sweep of adjustment provides a lowering range of 20-45mm on the front and 10-35mm at the rear (versus the factory ride height).

The Sport Springs themselves, finished in beautiful MMR Grey, are carefully developed progressive rate springs, with rates carefully chosen to match with the damper characteristics of the factory M3/M4 G8x suspension.

It’s by specifying progressive rate Sport Springs that allows us to deliver the perfect blend of improved dynamics in hard driving, yet without sacrificing ride quality in normal us in the middle of the springs’ travel. Push-on through the corners and the G8x chassis really comes to life, making it feel lighter, more direct and with significantly sharper turn-in.

Product Details:

  • Fits G87 M2 / G80 M3 / G82 M4 and Competition Models with xDrive
  • Carefully optimized spring rates for improved driving dynamics
  • Designed to be compatible with Adaptive M factory dampers
  • Lowers vehicle by 20-45mm front | 10-35mm rear
  • Powder coated in MMR Metallic Gunmetal Grey for a durable finish
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