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MHC+ BMW Shark Fin Antenna Cover In Pre Preg Carbon Fibre (F22/F30/F87/F80/F82/G80/G82)

MHC+ BMW Shark Fin Antenna Cover In Pre Preg Carbon Fibre (F22/F30/F87/F80/F82/G80/G82)

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MHC+ BMW Shark Fin Antenna Cover In Pre-Preg Carbon Fibre subtly adds a more premium and aggressive element to your vehicle's roof. This is an essential upgrade for vehicles fitted with other carbon fibre exterior styling upgrades, to create one cohesive look.

This cover fits directly over the factory item, being super easy to install with the pre-applied 3M adhesive tape.

Why choose pre-preg carbon fibre?

Unlike normal carbon fibre, pre-preg carbon is reinforced for increased strength and durability. It can also be an astonishing 70% lighter than other carbon options, ideal for weight-saving. Quality-wise, pre-preg carbon is far more consistent meaning the chance of imperfections is dramatically reduced. The manufacturing process eliminates undesirable air bubbles and results in a perfect, sleek, smooth & high gloss finish, making the ultimate part to complement your vehicle. 

When you buy pre-preg, you are investing in a higher quality, longer-lasting part that will outlast other forms of carbon fibre and potentially save you money in the long term.


- 100% pure pre-preg carbon fibre construction
- OEM-style weave
- High gloss finish
- Does not affect radio signal quality
- Fits directly over OEM shark fin
- Fitment guarantee
- Supplied with 3M adhesive double-sided tape
- 3 Year warranty


- BMW F22 M235i
- BMW F22 M240i
- BMW F30 3 Series
- BMW F87 M2
- BMW F87 M2 Competition
- BMW F80 M3
- BMW F80 M3 Competition
- BMW F82 M4
- BMW F82 M4 Competition
- BMW G80 M3
- BMW G80 M3 Competition
- BMW G82 M4
- BMW G82 M4 Competition


- 1x MHC+ shark fin antenna cover in pre-preg carbon fibre
- Pre-applied 3M adhesive double-sided tape

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