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KMP F-Series M2 M3 M4 Differential Bracket & Bushing Set

KMP F-Series M2 M3 M4 Differential Bracket & Bushing Set

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The factory M3 / M4 differential bracket, despite the F8X's power figures, only has one rear mounting point. Improve your differential mounting by creating 2 mounting points, combined with replacing the OEM rubber mounts. If higher strength is needed, especially for motorsport usage, a second mounting point can be used with KMP's BMW F8X differential bracket kit.

KMP's BMW differential mounting sets are designed to keep one degree of freedom with sliding bushings. You will have all the benefits from a rigid mount, but avoid the high forces which normally occurs with a 100% rigid mount. The polymer bushings will reduce peak forces, but the steel inserts will allow you to mount the differential with appropriate bolt torques (no deformation of the material). These type of bushings can absorb slight chassis deformations (eg. when hitting curbs).

Available in standard and offset* configuration

This complete set contains all you need (washers, bolts etc.) to upgrade your differential mounting.

*Offset Configuration: Usually when the car has been lowered, the driveshafts angle will change as well. This bracket kit will lift the differential by 10mm (towards the subframe). With this height adjustment, the driveshafts/axles will be more horizontal again, which will improve the running life of these shafts.

Product Details:

  • Fits all F8X M2 / M2 Competition / M3 / M4
  • Reduces drivetrain slop and reinforces inadequate OEM bracket mounting to cope with motorsport use / high horsepower
  • Package set includes: aluminum diff bracket (1), rear sliding bushings (2), front sliding bushings(2), and aluminum bushings (2)
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