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Karbonius Lightweight Vented Fender for the BMW E46 M3

Karbonius Lightweight Vented Fender for the BMW E46 M3

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Carbon fibre vented front fender for BMW M3 E46.

This is a piece manufactured 100% in prepreg carbon fibre in our facilities in A Coruña, (Spain) and under ISO 9001 quality standards.

Vented fender is one of the most popular improvements in a racing car. The purpose of this improvement is easy to see: openings in fender reduce air trapped inside the wheel, increasing the downforce.

Even several options are available on market nowadays, they are often focused to racing purposes only and do not pay attention to aesthetical and fitment! That’s why we have developed Karbonius vented fender

We offer a refined aesthetic and at the same time an aggressive touch, not to mention a big quality and a perfect fitment not seen in a piece like that.

Based in GT3RS appearance, our fender includes slats in carbon fibre what allows optimal air evacuation and aggressive and integrated aesthetic.

Karbonius fender is manufactured 100% in carbon fibre prepreg and cured in autoclave, and it is reinforced in all chassis mooring areas. OEM fitment, so cut, sand or settle are no necessary. You will only need modified supports included in kit (51118195295). Objective of these supports is to move bumper 1 centimetre to the exterior to fit perfectly in widen fender

It needs wheelarch trim cut and wider

*Some references:

  • +1,5 cm wide to allow lodge 10´ tyres
  • 980 grs weight each unit (3,1 kg reduction)
  • Soon we will offer wheelarch trim  wider and cut, made of Kevlar for a perfect fitment


Can it be installed in a non M3 E46?

No, these fenders are specially designed for M3 E46

What guides and wheelarch trim must I use to fit in my car?

With kit we include supports to modify bumper position so it can fit

Regarding wheelarch, it will be short, so we will offer soon an alternative made in Kevlar

How does fender and bumper wide difference be corrected?

As fender is 15 mm wider than OEM, a step occurs between fender and bumper. There are 2 options to solve it:

  1. With supports included in kit. It moves bumper to the exterior side of car until it is in the same position as fender
  2. Soon we will offer a wheelarch trim made of Kevlar that will solve difference in position

Does it include TUV/ABE?

It does not include homologation certificates at the moment.

 *All our pieces are numbered, so origin and authenticity are granted


  • 980 grs weight (per unit)
  • Perfect fitment and easy installation
  • 100% carbon fibre prepreg
  • Cured in mould and autoclave
  • Numbered and exclusive piece
  • 2-year warranty


  • BMW M3 E46


This piece installs easily and does no need big modification on car

 Warning: it is the responsibility of the customer to comply with the rules and the use of this article on the public road

 *Prices do not include customs fees on the country of destination

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