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Karbonius E46 M3 (S54) Carbon Airbox - OEM Style

Karbonius E46 M3 (S54) Carbon Airbox - OEM Style

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The M3 CSL Carbon Airbox is one of the most demanded improvements among E46 M3 enthusiasts. This is due to the performance gain of course, but even more enjoyable is the intake sound it brings to car. Unfortunately, upgrading to the CSL airbox is both labor intensive and time-consuming; requiring a number of additional parts, wiring, and software. As such, it's a rather expensive modification.

For those who are looking for a similar sound to the CSL carbon airbox but are less concerned about a performance gain, Karbonius has developed an OEM Style S54 carbon airbox. It is a simplified version of the CSL airbox and, apart from the louder intake sound (+12 dB compared to plastic OEM airbox), provides an awesome appearance and easy installation using standard intake elbow and MAF. No needed to install any additional hardware or a remap.

Regarding a power increase, Karbonius observed +4HP compared to the OEM airbox in a recent dyno test. Not significant enough of a gain with a 2% margin of error. Therefore, pending any additional testing, they claim no significant power increase, but no HP loss either.

NOTE: For E46 M3 SMG models, a genuine CSL SMG reservoir is needed.

Product Details:

  • Similar sound to CSL carbon airbox
  • Saves roughly 8lbs compared to OEM plastic airbox
  • No remap software required
  • 100% Carbon Prepreg
  • Cured in autoclave
  • High gloss UV protection varnish
  • Perfect fit; no adjustments required
  • 2 year guarantee

Kit Includes:

  • Airbox
  • CNC machine-made items of anodized aluminum
  • Stainless-steel screws
  • Certificate of authenticity

Application Guide:

  • E46 M3
  • E85 / E86 Z4M
  • E36/7 Z3M with S54 (2001)
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