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Future Classic

Future Classic G8X M3 / M4 Short Shifter Kit

Future Classic G8X M3 / M4 Short Shifter Kit

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Faster and Smoother. While we commend the die hard purists who option their G8X with a manual transmission, BMW shifters have never been fantastic from the factory. To ensure we created the best possible product to improve upon BMW's deficiency, we called upon Rogue Engineering, the company that practically wrote the rule book on the definitive SSK, to help us craft one for the new platform.

Our goal was ambitious: reduce throw, reduce shifter NVH, reduce service intervals, increase overall precision—all while maintaining an OEM look. By leveraging premium materials and over thirty years of expertise, we were easily able to achieve each facet of that goal.

A stainless steel main pivot ensures long lasting durability while Delrin AF is used in the pivot bottom.  This thermoplastic has an extremely low coefficient of friction, wear characteristics, and resistance to extreme drivetrain temperatures to guarantee your Future Classic shifter is not only smooth to operate, but will continue to be regardless of driving condition over time.

FC 303 stainless lever upper adds mass to the shifter, which translates into better feel where it matters most, and accepts all BMW shift knobs for a very factory aesthetic. By pairing the OEM carrier with a bespoke cup and our 303 stainless shift lever, we were also able to keep costs reasonable—a paramount concern amidst rising costs everywhere else in the industry.

Product Details:

  • Modified OEM shifter carrier, Delrin carrier bushings with bespoke FCxRE cup and 303 stainless shift lever
  • 41% smoother shifts
  • 20% throw reduction
  • Stainless steel shifter pivot bushing ensures durability
  • Delrin AF lower bushings prevents binding and adds resistance to drivetrain temperatures exceeding 200°F
  • Includes synthetic grease with PTFE
  • Made in USA
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