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Future Classic

Future Classic 54mm Stud Kit

Future Classic 54mm Stud Kit

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Good things come in small packages. Future Classic's ever-popular stud kit offerings now include a short, 54mm size to work in conjunction with the stylish Project Kics R40 Iconix closed end lug nuts.

Just like the 80mm Future Classic steel stud, these have world-class, independently verified strength ratings (12.9+) thanks to its chromoly construction. As you'd expect from Future Classic, these are as beautiful as they are functional—a generous 6mm shoulder and buffer zone help safeguard against over tightening while also adding a defining design cue.

In contrast to FC's larger stud brethren, this shorty stud wears a small 24.5mm thread area, which makes a traditional "double nut" installation difficult. As a result (and to ensure adequate clearance with the closed end cap), these 54mm studs bear a 5mm Allen key broach.

All of these features are tucked away behind the latest and greatest Project Kics lug nut. Made out of chromoly steel 435 with a unique 2-piece design to guarantee precision holding, this lug nut set is strong enough to be used on the street and circuit. Four cap color finishes are readily available and each full set includes a pack of 16 nuts with 4 wheel locks.

Product Details:

  • Fits all M14x1.25 vehicles
  • 54mm total length (24.5mm threaded area)
  • Ultra strong chromoly 12.9+ strength class construction
  • Designed to work specifically with R40 Iconix Closed End Lug Nut Set
  • 5mm Allen key broach (6mm depth)
  • Black zinc coating for additional strength and corrosion / wear resistance
  • Recommended add-on: Project Kics R40 Iconix Closed End Lug Nut Set
  • Made in USA
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