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Fall-Line Motorsports

Fall-Line Motorsports - Ultimate DCT Track Package

Fall-Line Motorsports - Ultimate DCT Track Package

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The Ultimate DCT Track Package. Period! Fall-Line has designed an incredible 6061-T6 aluminum oil pan and matching hydraulics cover for DCT cars and we are proud to offer this DCT Package for BMW track junkies the world over.

The plastic OEM parts are prone to failure from heat-cycling and use a brittle gasket that requires replacement over time. The Fall-Line parts use a bespoke Viton O-Ring that resides within a clever internal channel. Viton O-Rings, due to their exceptional resistance to temperature extremes (-20°F to 400°F operating temp) and low gas permeability, have incredible aging characteristics and therefore eliminate the need for regular replacement.

For Fall-Line's oil pan, internal baffling is optimized to eliminate oil starvation in racing conditions and extended radiator fins protrude from the pan's surface to provide additional cooling, but unlike other DCT pans on the market that can drag on the road during motorsport use, the Fall-Line pan upgrade does not compromise ground clearance due to its angled design, yet still offers a valuable increase in fluid capacity.

The oil pan also offers external ports to route AN fittings for an additional DCT cooler. 

Like the oil pan, and unlike the OEM cover, Fall-Line's hydraulics cover also includes external fins that are optimized to provide additional cooling in racing conditions and help avoid the dreaded DCT overheating errors.

Product Details:

  • Package Includes:
    • Fall-Line Aluminum DCT Oil Pan
    • OEM filter set (includes suction and transmission filter)
    • Fall-Line Aluminum DCT Hydraulics Cover
  • Compatible with all DCT BMW cars (full application list below)
  • 5-Axis DMG Mori CNC machined 6061-T6
  • Internally baffled oil pan to relieve oil starvation + increased capacity
  • Viton O-Ring eliminates OEM gasket and regular replacement intervals
  • Re-uses OEM magnet
  • External cooling fins provide additional piece of mind in racing conditions
  • Hard coat black anodized for wear / corrosion resistance
  • Provisions to run external oil cooler for motorsport use
  • Made in USA 

Application List:

  • E82 and E88 135i
  • E9X 335i, 335is, M3
  • F8X M2 / M3 / M4 / M4 GTS
  • F10 M5
  • F06 / F12 / F13 M6
  • Z4 (E89)
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