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BMW M2 / M2 Competition (F87) Blackline Rear Reflector Overlay Kit

BMW M2 / M2 Competition (F87) Blackline Rear Reflector Overlay Kit

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Our newest and highly anticipated creation requested by you, our supporters!  This product was designed and created to improve the appearance of the OEM rear reflector while retaining its intended functionality in a way that will compliment rear design of your vehicle and pair perfectly with our BLACKLINE Taillight Kit .  Our BMW M2 BLACKLINE Rear Reflector Overlay Kit fits all F87 chassis M2 and M2 Competition model cars giving your vehicle that sleek and stylish modern look for years to last.  Our Overlay Kit is a 2 layered film system (no assembly required): a dark smoked color film base topped with a black patterned layer of the iconic distinct BMW M Division honeycomb print as seen in many mesh designs today used on many of the M vehicles on the market today.  To retain the safety functions of the factory piece, we designed our 2 layered overlay system to go on top of the factory unit in order to keep its light reflecting properties of the OEM rear reflector when in use for oncoming vehicles, while keeping a dark smoked sleek appearance when not in use.  Please note that our Overlay Kit only covers the rear reflector and does not come as an entire rear reflector assembly.  Kit is designed for an extremely easy installation process and the removal of the factory rear reflector is not required for installation.

Our BLACKLINE Taillight Overlay Kits are made from a high grade pliable 3.2mil outdoor vinyl, 1mm thicker than most generic vinyls seen online today, and is computer cut to shape for accuracy/precision. The vinyl is easy to install as the film and adhesive are designed to be extremely pliable and forgiving during installation. So you can apply numerous times during initial application to get the install just right.  Our overlays come with a translucent top application layer for easy alignment, and bottom adhesive protectant layer for you to get the best available home application results. Each Overlay Kit comes with the set of vinyl overlays, and install instructions.  Our Overlay Kits/Products are designed with precision and built to last, 100% Made in the USA.

DISCLAIMER: Our overlay kits are designed and created to have an OEM look and feel.  However, some of our kits may include colored films that may not be legal for street use and, as such, are sold with an off-road use disclosure. Please check your state or local laws before installation.  Application our overlay kits is done so at your own risk.

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