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E30 Early Model Front Plate Filler

E30 Early Model Front Plate Filler

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In America, we received the "diving board" type bumpers on the early model E30s. If you love or hate them, there was an issue if you removed the front license plate; a huge gap. Many have tried cutting trim to make it fit but nothing has filled that void until now. These CAD designed early model E30 front license plate fillers are what you have been looking for. These are plug and play to the original bumper and perfectly fill the void, while fitting the exact curvature of the stock OEM trim. Choose blank or with a logo.

Note: These fillers are 3D printed and may have small visual defects. If you want to make them smooth to perfectly match the OEM trim, they are easily sandable with 220 grit sandpaper and painted black.

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