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Dinan High Flow Air Mass / Intake Assemblies For BMW M5 E60 M6 E63 E64

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Dinan's High Flow Air Mass Meter and Intake Assemblies reduce the intake restriction presented by the stock configuration for a better breathing engine. Increasing the flow of cool, oxygen rich air increases power output by 21 horsepower, as well as providing improved throttle response. The Dinan High Flow Air Mass Meters are also included, providing a full 22% increase in air flow.

The stock air filter housings are replaced with Dinan's larger volume units that have been designed to accommodate oval shaped filters, providing greater surface area for superior flow. The intake enclosures also include the activated carbon absorption material, providing the same function as the stock configuration without the significant restriction to air flow. The Dinan air boxes are completely sealed enclosures, virtually eliminating the pressure drop measured with the stock units. The sealed enclosures also insulate against power-robbing heated air under the hood for maximum power output.

The carbon fiber air box lids are both functional and a handsome addition to the engine compartment. The weave perfectly matches the Dinan front strut tower brace for a very tasteful high performance look.

• Improved Air Flow
• Cooler Air Into Engine
• Improved Throttle Response
• Larger Air Filters
• Completely Sealed
• Carbon Fiber
• 21 Horsepower @ 7500 rpm
• 14 Lb-Ft of Torque @ 7500 rpm