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Dinan F90 M5 Rear Suspension Link Kit

Dinan F90 M5 Rear Suspension Link Kit

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Dinan’s high performance Rear Suspension Link Kit adds precision and predictability at the limit.

The stock rear toe link setup is built with rubber bushings and a curved forged alloy rod which can easily flex. During hard acceleration and braking this flex allows the rear wheels to have excessive toe change which ultimately causes the car to be unstable. Dinan stops the flex by replacing the rubber bushings with Teflon-lined machined steel rod ends that significantly reduce pliability while also swapping out the OEM curved bar with a stouter billet aluminum arm, thus adding stability.  Like the rear toe links, the stock front trailing links also incorporate rubber bushings. Flex in these bushings allow the rear wheels to behave sloppily under heavy loads.  Dinan adds precision by replacing these links with billet aluminum arms and precision ball joints just like the ones found in the Dinan front monoball kit. 

Have confidence in your F90 M5 when pushing the envelope without worry of erratic suspension play or sacrificing ride quality and comfort. Whether it be at the drag strip doing quarter mile runs or simply getting the jump off the line at a stop light the end result with Dinan's Rear Suspension Link Kit is a more stable and planted driving experience when pushing the car to its limits. 

Benefits of the Dinan  Rear Suspension Link Kit:

+ Replaces the stock rear toe link & rubber bushings with a precision machined black-anodized aluminum arm and racing-quality rod ends.
+ Rod-ends are Teflon-lined for quiet operation.
+ Rubber boots protect rod ends from environmental damage for long lasting performance and removes the need for constant cleaning. 
+ Replaces the stock forward lower trailing link & rubber bushings with a precision machined black-anodized aluminum arm and precision ball joints.
+ Bearings are nylon-lined for quiet operation. 
+ Dramatically improves vehicle stability during hard cornering.
+ Improves response by eliminating the deflection of the rubber bushings.

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