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CSF BMW N54 High-Performance Intercooler

CSF BMW N54 High-Performance Intercooler

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Stepped core design for maximum surface area contact and internal intake air-flow volume.  Largest “drop-in fit” intercooler available in the industry.

  • Designed with 3D scanning / rapid prototype technology to ensure precise fitment and maximum surface area utilization. Lab tested on CSF’s in-house wind tunnel.
  • Rounded front face bar/plate design for optimized airflow through the core.*
  • "Drop-in fit” design for an easy & quick plug-and-play installation. Complete with OEM style “Quick-Connect” inlet/outlet connections.
  • Fully reversible back to OEM spec with no modifications needed.
  • Available in silver (#8115) and matte black (#8115B)
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Fits the following applications.
  • BMW F30, F32, F22, F87 M235i, M2, 328i, 428i, 335i, 435i, N55 intercooler
  • ~40 *F drop in temperatures when compared to the OEM intercooler after multiple repeated runs.
  • Power increase of 15-20 hp on stock cars, 25+ hp on modified vehicles.
OEM #: 17517600530
Vehicle Fitment Chart
  • 114i/(d), 116i/(d), 118i, 118d(x), 120i, 120d(x), 125i/(d), M135i(x)
  • 218i/(d), 220i, 220d(x), 225d, 228i(x), M235i(x)
  • 316i/(d), 318i, 318d(x), 320i(x), 320d(x), 325d, 328i(x), 330d(x), 335i(x), 335d(x)
  • 418d, 420i(x), 420d(x), 425d, 428i(x), 430d(x), 435i(x), 435d(x)
  • M2
Chassis Code:
  • F20 / F21
  • F22 / F23
  • F30 / F31 / F34
  • F32 / F33 / F36
  • F87
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