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BMW Accessory Drive Belt Kit

BMW Accessory Drive Belt Kit

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This Kit Includes

Qty Part SKU Brand
1 Drive Belt Tensioner Assembly INA-5340433100 Ina logo
1 Drive Belt Idler Pulley INA-5320660100 Ina logo
1 Accessory Drive Belt CON-8K1390 Continental logo
1 Drive Belt Tensioner Bolt BMW-07129906293 Genuine bmw

Product Information

A complete accessory drive belt service kit

Replacing your BMW's drive belts is routine maintenance that should be performed on a regular basis. We recommend replacing the accessory drive belts at 50,000 mile intervals. In addition to the accessory drive belts it will also be required at some point to replace the belt tensioners, hardware, and idler pulley. Most mechanical tensioners last between 60,000-75,000 miles and most idler pulleys do not last more than 100,000 miles. If your BMW is in the mileage range consider replacing all of your accessory drive components along with your belts and enjoy thousands of miles of trouble (and worry) free driving.

Please note: When installing this kit torque the belt tensioner bolt to 38Nm and torque the idler pulley bolt to 56Nm.

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