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Blackline Fragrance Paper Air Freshener (3 Pack)

Blackline Fragrance Paper Air Freshener (3 Pack)

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Introducing our newest key essential for any vehicle's interior with our brand new BLACKLINE Fragrance Paper air freshener.  Developed and perfected with our specially formulated "Squash" scent that will leave a lasting impression on both driver and passenger.  The scent holds a sweet and refreshing note deodorizing any interior.  Each Fragrance Paper has been carefully dialed to release just the right amount of subtle aroma inside your vehicle's cabin wearing a minimalistic design featuring our signature Drip G.  Each Fragrance Paper will last up to 4 weeks once opened from its packaging (12 weeks in total for each 3 pack) and can be displayed to your liking with the adjustable elastic black string hanger.  Keep your vehicle smelling its very best on every drive.

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