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Alpha-N F87 M2 Carbon Fender Set

Alpha-N F87 M2 Carbon Fender Set

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There’s a reason there are carbon fiber enthusiasts all around the globe. With an unrivaled durability, lightweight feel, and sporty aesthetic, carbon fiber has a way of transforming any car it’s a part of. Looking to add some more of that signature weave to your BMW? That’s where the Alpha N F87 M2 Carbon Fender Set comes in. This fender set is full pre-preg and is constructed in a classic 2x2 carbon fiber weave. Without paintwork, it weighs in at only 980 grams (or 2lbs) vs stock at 6.5lbs! The Alpha N Carbon Fender Set is as lightweight and stylish as they come; if you’re in the market for a fender set, there’s no better part.

Product Details:

  • Fits BMW F87 M2 and M2 Competition
  • Saves 4.5lbs EACH over stock from the front of the car

Note: Custom Order - Made in Germany 

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