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3D Design

3D Design F90 M5 Carbon Side Skirt Set

3D Design F90 M5 Carbon Side Skirt Set

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3D Design was founded in 1998, specializing in suspension components. Since then, the company has dedicated itself to expanding its product line and has gained a reputation for its exceptional BMW aero parts and accessories. Over the years, 3D Design has successfully created a wide range of parts and accessories for BMW enthusiasts, including lifestyle accessories and interior components, with the company's suspension products exported since 2012.

To ensure that its products align with BMW's intentions, 3D Design works with only the best materials, manufacturers, and designers. The company's philosophy emphasizes detail and accuracy over time and cost, and this is evident in every item created for the F90 M5. From the tight fitment of the exterior components to the flawless carbon weave in the CFRP components, 3D Design's commitment to detail is apparent in every piece available for the F90 M5.

  • Dry CFRP Construction
  • Includes instructions and hardware
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