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3D Design

3D Design F87 M2 Carbon Side Skirt Set

3D Design F87 M2 Carbon Side Skirt Set

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With BMW continuing to take a more extroverted approach to the F chassis styling, tuners must exercise caution when designing new components. 3D Design is no stranger to this approach as it is ingrained within their company philosophy. Via a thorough approach to design 3D focuses on all lines to ensure the end result is cohesive with the factory panels. Founded in 1998, the Japanese tuner has a rich history with aero and suspension that stems back to the E36 chassis. The goal of 3D is to offer clean designs and tight fitting aero. All 3D Design product are designed in Japan and manufactured in Japan. There is no economies of scale manufacturing to enhance profits, but simply a focus on quality product.

Product Details: 

  • Dry CFRP Construction
  • Fits: BMW M2 + M2 Competition Models 
  • Includes instructions and hardware
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