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Karbonius G8X M3 M4 strut brace

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Strut Brace for BMW G8X, M3, M4

Fully redesigned piece and made of 100% Prepreg carbon fiber in autoclave by tubular system, thus reducing the joints or possible weak points in the part.
The function of the strut brace bar is to provide rigidity to the chassis. With our design, in addition to that, We have been able to reduce 2.5 kg of weight and besides that, a much more sporty look according to the category of the car.

The bar is complemented with CNC machining 6061 aluminum anodized in natural color and integrated into the bar itself for added strength.

Quick and easy to install, the strut brace will make the car look completely sporty.

**Customs fees on country of destination not included in price