Unleashing the Beast: AWE Exhaust Suite for BMW G8X M3/M4

Unleashing the Beast: AWE Exhaust Suite for BMW G8X M3/M4

If you're looking to upgrade the exhaust on your BMW G8X M3/M4, look no further than the AWE SwitchPath™ Exhaust. This exhaust system is designed to deliver a refined, aggressive howl without any metallic sounds, drone, or bends. With its patented drone-canceling 180 Technology®, the AWE SwitchPath™ is the first AWE configuration for BMW to incorporate this technology.

Precision X-Pipe for Smooth Sound:

The AWE SwitchPath™ Exhaust system is made up of 3-inch U.S.-sourced T304L stainless steel, a precision x-pipe, and a valved SwitchPath™ muffler tuned specifically for the S58 engine. The precision x-pipe immediately helps smooth out the S58 engine's rasp, deepening the tone before its refined further by the bespoke SwitchPath™ muffler in the rear.

Valve-Open and Closed Experience:

The AWE SwitchPath™ Exhaust system provides two distinct driving experiences, depending on whether the valves are open or closed. When the valves are closed, the SwitchPath™ Exhaust produces a refined, aggressive howl while remaining full-bodied and powerful, with no congested metallic sounds when on the throttle. At cruising speeds, interior acoustics are close to stock with no drone. On the other hand, when the valves are open, the S58's roar is uncorked, providing a sporty and aggressive exhaust note.

Track Edition for Maximum Sound:

For drivers who crave even more sound, AWE offers the Track Edition Exhaust, which takes all the precision engineering and performance of the SwitchPath™ Exhaust but removes the valved muffler in the rear. This creates a constant "valve open" mode for a rowdy, aggressive exhaust note.

Non-Resonated Performance Mid-Pipes:

If you want to up the ante in the aggression department, you can also ditch the factory mid-section and replace it with two 3" non-resonated mid-pipes. These mid-pipes are designed to mate with the SwitchPath™ or Track Edition Exhausts, giving you the option to start the party right behind the factory secondary catalysts.

In summary, the AWE SwitchPath™ Exhaust system is the perfect upgrade for BMW G8X M3/M4 owners who want to unleash the beast under the hood. With its patented drone-canceling technology, precision x-pipe, and valved SwitchPath™ muffler, this exhaust system delivers an aggressive yet refined exhaust note. And for those who want even more sound, the Track Edition Exhaust and Non-Resonated Performance Mid-Pipes are available for an even rowdier exhaust note.

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